Kybella- Ditch Your Double Chin

Here’s How Kybella Works in Five Steps, by Dr. Terrence Keaney:

1) A doctor dispenses Kybella—a man-made form of deoxycholic acid, a chemical naturally occurring in the body-through a series of injections under a patient’s skin. 

2) Kybella begins to break up the membranes of the fat cells under the chin, “essentially ‘injuring’ the fat cells,” Keaney says. 

3) The body registers the change—“It now thinks these fat cells are somewhat deficient,” Keaney says—and that triggers the immune system to race to the area to investigate. 

4) Over a period of a couple weeks, Keaney say, the immune system removes the now broken-up fat cells from under the chin. That's why Kybella treatments are spaced one or two months apart. 

5) The immune system takes the leftover fat that it has now gathered from under the chin and shuttles it elsewhere in the body. “It’s not like it appears on top of your head,” Keaney says, “it just gets redistributed to all the other fat cells.

  by Tony Laducci and Men's Fitness Editors-  Terrence Keaney, M.D. is a Washington, D.C.-based board certified dermatologist, and one of the first physicians trained in using Kybella.

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